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About Mariah McKenzie and “More”

Who is Mariah?

Mariah lives near San Diego, CA. She and her husband, Jake, frequently travel up and down the west coast from San Diego to Seattle to rock climb, go to meditation retreats, for business and to visit family.

Mariah has raised two children, worked as a freelance travel writer, is a certified mediator, and has acted as VP of Corporate Communications for a high technology business. She is also an awareness practitioner who has dedicated a significant portion of her life to exploring consciousness and ecstatic living. Mariah leads writing and meditation groups, classes and workshops in the greater San Diego area.

She says her own journey has led her to be dedicated to inquiring into the nature of reality, saying YES! to life, casting writing spells, and generally living life imperfectly but with great delight . . . albeit sometimes kicking and screaming.

About “Award Winning” More . . . journey to mystical union through the sacred and the profane:

Have you ever wanted More? Not more stuff . . . or success . . . or fame . . . but more intimacy, more connection, more mystery, more awe. When Mariah McKenzie finds her husband and best friend in bed together, she is launched on a forbidding and transcendent journey.  Reeling from a life turned upside down, Mariah and her husband, Jake, resolve to search together for a deeper connection—for more. They sign up for a weekend couples workshop, and afterwards decide to participate in Margot Anand’s  Year-Long Love and Ecstasy (aka “Tantra”) Training.

As they delve into sacred sexuality together, they learn sex is a doorway not only to physical and emotional intimacy, but also to the divine mystery of life. During training sessions designed to awaken “Kundalini” (latent spiritual energy) Mariah glimpses a different reality, which includes wildly mystical moments replete with astounding visions and prophetic dreams. The awakening, however, also releases repressed memories of childhood trauma. As Jake helps her navigate these experiences, they open more fully to one another and rekindle their trust.

Mariah begins to see life from a deeper perspective. Mariah’s inner journey becomes a kind of striptease, at first exposing fear, anxiety and victim identity, but ultimately revealing a woman, who revels in saying, “yes” to Life with its sacred as well as profane moments.

Outwardly, the couple’s adventures take them to exotic locales. They live for a while in a remote fishing village in Mexico, participate in extended meditation retreats around the world, travel to ashrams in India, and study Toltec Shamanism in the Yucatan—all while raising their two girls and maintaining mainstream jobs and lives in suburban America.

As Mariah and Jake straddle the divide between the mundane and the mystical, they struggle to answer the questions of who they are in the context of the world, in the context of their relationship and at the core of their being. The journey is risky, sometimes life threatening, and they nearly separate. But, ultimately, both choose life, recommit to one another and to their practices of sacred sexuality and meditation, continuing together their search for More—more love, more compassion, more intimacy, more acceptance, more joy, and more of what Mariah says can only be described as “mystical union.”

More has been released!  Amazon

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