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WINNER! 2019 Book Excellence Awards, category: Relationships

GOLD in the ELit Book Awards 2018, category: New Age/Mind Body Spirit

BRONZE in the ELit Book Awards 2018, category: Sexuality/Relationships

BRONZE in the Readers Favorite Book Awards 2018, category: New Age Non-Fiction

RED RIBBON WINNER 2017, The Wishing Shelf Awards

Award Finalist in the USA Best Book News 2017 in the category: Self-Help/Relationships 

SILVER in the Living Now Awards 2016, recognizing the year’s best books for better living, category: Sexuality/Femininity: 


More is a daring and inspirational memoir offering the reader the opportunity to experience the potential for healing and enlightenment from the inside out as you go with Mariah on a journey of self-discovery that begins when she and her husband participate in my yearlong Love and Ecstasy Training. Mariah’s memoir offers a ray of light both to individuals and to couples. Her work will appeal to a large audience.

~Margot Anand, SkyDancing Tantra Founder, Author of The Art of Sexual Ecstasy

More is just as the title promises. It is much more than a journey of a woman and man finding healing through sexual intimacy, orgasmic pleasure and sensual adventure, all of which it includes. It is the journey of a human spirit moving to inner peace with herself so she can find divine union with another. It is more than a self-help book. MORE is a book of transcendence that speaks to all people as we attempt to rise above our fears and traumas to our higher selves.

~Asra Q. Nomani is a former Wall Street Journal reporter and the author of Tantrika: Traveling the Road of Divine Love

Mariah’s story of love and spiritual transformation will not only grab your heart but will challenge you to think of the way you view love, sexuality and spiritual fulfillment in ways you probably have not done before.  It’s the story for every busy mom who thinks she has no time for spirituality or sexuality.  It’s the story for anyone who has experienced trauma or shame and wonders if they can be fully sexual and love with a full heart.  It’s the story for anyone who yearns for more but fears they cannot pursue their deepest dreams.  Mariah’s seductive and beautifully written tale gives us all the permission we need to begin our own search for “more.”

~Marni Freedman, Therapist, Professor of Writing, Playwright Playing Mona Lisa

I heartily endorse Mariah’s story of her spiritual journey. It has all the features that make a compelling spiritual autobiography as well as those that make a touching love story. There is soul-searching despair and its transcendence as well as heart-wrenching desire and its fulfillment. Mariah and her husband have committed themselves to the spiritual path as well as to each other with commendable tenacity. And the juicy bits are sure to turn the properly prudish red with embarrassment or perhaps green with envy. I highly recommend this book to anyone trying to balance busy lives with meditation practice, and especially to anyone seeking to heal from sexual trauma and transform their lives in the pursuit of highest Love.

~Matthew Sieradski, Spiritual Teacher, Center for Sacred Sciences

Here is a bold celebration of holy intimacy and its capacity to heal. Kudos to McKenzie for her courage to share this story!

~Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew, Author, Writing the Sacred Journey


April 16, 2017 – “More” hits the Amazon Kindle Best Seller list in several categories!

  • #7 Human Sexuality
  • #9 New Age Mental Health and Spiritual Healing
  • #12 General Sexual Health


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