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Intimate Relationships as a Spiritual Crucible by John Welwood

My spiritual teacher just shared this article. I was deeply moved to read it. I found myself thinking of it days later and allowing it to inform my day, my relationship, my perspective.  In my own life I have come to greatly appreciate the deep fodder for spiritual awakening–for “Truth” to reveal itself–that relationship provides, and not because it is bliss all the time, although there is also that, but because it encourages me to dive into old wounds, to see conditioned behavior.  Such a journey through the “charnal,” has John put it, is just what I write about in “More . . . Journey to mystical union through the sacred and the profane.”   Thank you John for reminding of all that I know to be true, but still sometimes forget.


2 comments on “Intimate Relationships as a Spiritual Crucible by John Welwood

  1. mlandersonblog
    April 10, 2017


    There seems to be a problem with your post. When I tried to use the link for the article, it didn’t work.


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    • Mariah
      April 10, 2017

      Oh – thank you for letting me know! I think I fixed it. Let me know if it works for you now. Mariah

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