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Better use of our tongues

In the MORE [multi-orgasmic response] sessions, we learned about the importance of communication. People are inclined to believe that since sex is so natural, everything should always be spontaneous, and that verbal communication is not necessary. We learned that it is important to spend some significant time and effort learning to communicate details with your partner, to learn how to bring your partner pleasure.
~excerpt from More . . . Journey to mystical union through the sacred and the profane

I read a great article in recently called What’s sex got to do with mindfulness? What the writer, Jeremy Adam Smith, talks about is just what Margot Anand taught us so many years ago during our yearlong Love & Ecstasy Training: namely, the importance of deliberately, mindfully communicating with one another in the bedroom, despite cultural conditioning that implies passionate intercourse must always be spontaneous.

Twenty years later, we still value the importance of entering into the bedroom intentionally, of being completely present in bed, relaxing, listening and sharing—giving each other all of our attention while we are there. Doing so, improves intimacy, increases pleasure and is deeply satisfying, fueling ongoing sustainable passion.

As writer, Smith, cleverly puts it: what we really need in the bedroom is “better use of our tongues.”

Check out his article (link above.) It is a thorough and great read on the benefits of mindfulness in the bedroom, and everywhere really.

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