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Soul Gazing

wood statue bali“soul gazing . . . When we did this at the workshop–in the middle of our mess–it was essentially a reciprocated invitation to be present with each other–not escaping, not hiding or averting, or blaming. Just sitting looking deeply into each other. Maybe, just maybe, we were after the same thing after all.

~excerpt from More

June 24, 2014 – 30th Anniversary

We sit on the bed opposite each other resting back on pillows that allow us to relax and still see each other. At first, an invisible veil separates us. His constricted pupils reflect swirling thoughts mirroring my own. Worry, past baggage, “to-do” lists clamor for my attention, but . . . there is something more compelling here, now. I feel the seduction of his gaze, lulling me like a soft kiss brushing my being leaving me intrigued, curious.

I focus on his right eye only and soften my own gaze, relaxing into my heart, vulnerable but open. I stop looking for anything—stop classifying, stop judging and receive him, love him. I watch as his pupils widen slightly. I breathe deeper, nostrils flaring, letting in more of him, more of life, letting go of thinking, resting in being, allowing connection.

His gaze penetrates me in the same way a kiss becomes passionate and crosses boundaries, invades privacy, but is welcome. I feel our energies co-mingle as in an Alex Grey painting, an auric bubble of awareness encompassing not one soul but two.

We sit gazing. Just being together, not doing. My peripheral vision begins to fade. His face morphs in shadows. Time stops.

Who is he? Who am I?

And then, he is me, and I him. In his eyes the whole universe is reflected and I feel that within myself too.

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